New Pristina roundtable report “The digital dimension of violence against women: Recognising and combating the phenomenon”

The Council of Europe project “Reinforcing the fight against violence against women and domestic violence in Kosovo* – phase III” published this roundtable report which summarizes speeches, findings and recommendations generated in the hybrid roundtable which was organised jointly with the Embassy of Italy in Pristina.

This report aims to expand the discussion on this alarming phenomenon, raise awareness and initiate the dialogue among stakeholders into taking action in providing a holistic response to digital violence against women.  

Recommendations and next steps for local authorities were identied during the panel and open discussion:

  • Enhance the multi-agency and multi-institutional cooperation in combatting digital violence
    against women.
  • Include the digital component of violence against women in all related legislations and mechanisms, and establish a national forum that would address online violence.
  • Provide extensive education at the local level targeting young generations on the safe use of
    technology and the internet.
  • Include trained psychologists specialised on violence against women and domestic violence incourts and prosecutor oces during the interrogation.
    Develop a protocol on cases of online violence to gather the online evidence effectively.
    Conduct awareness raising campaigning on digital violence against women, targeting
    duty-bearers such as from the education, health and social services.
  • Include online violence in the free hotline support, this would make the reaction to the
    phenomenon faster rather than going first to the police and undertaking a long procedure.
  • Include the online violence in the existing “zero tolerance to harassment” policy within the local authorities. Each institution should have an email address where complaints can be directed anonymously or not anonymously.
  • Prosecute religious personalities with infuence who incite hatred or violence against women
    via online platforms (mainly via Youtube channel).

The Council of Europe project “Reinforcing the fight against violence against women and domestic violence in Kosovo* – phase III” aims at defining a concrete roadmap for strengthening Kosovo’s* legal and policy frameworks as well as building institutional capacities to prevent and counter violence against women and domestic violence in line with the standards of the
Istanbul Convention.

You can read the full report here (LINK)

Refeference from the official website of the Council of Europe