The last “first Pride” in the Balkans – the Sarajevo Pride March

The last “first Pride” in the Balkans – the Sarajevo Pride March – was announced on September 8, but in the meantime, not one but two counter-protests have been announced on September 9.

The organizing committee of the Sarajevo Pride March has reminded the public and institutions that the pride march was announced to the competent institutions on April 1st. From the first of April until today, the organizers hold regular meetings with representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the Police Administration, as well as other relevant institutions. They also pointed out that any groundless ban on Bh. pride march would constitute a violation of the Law on Public Assembly of the Canton of Sarajevo and a ground for proceedings and re-sanctioning of the Government of the Canton of Sarajevo.

The Bosnian Pride March will be held under the slogan „Ima izać“! It is a common term heard in public transport throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the same time, “opening the door of the proverbial closet” means that LGBTIQ people are coming out – reveal their sexual orientation, gender identity and / or external characteristics.

The biggest problems for LGBTIQ people in BiH society are invisibility, isolation, unrecognizability, rejection and violence, both in the public and private space. Most LGBTIQ people, because of fears of misunderstanding, rejection, or violence, still do not choose to express their sexual orientation, gender identity, or external characteristics to their family, and are therefore forced to hide part of their lives and those they love.

References from the website Ima izać’!” Bh. Povorka ponosa 2019.

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